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Rice Milling Machines

Looking for best quality rice milling machine? Have a look on these machines that are generally used to process paddy rice. The machines, like rice pre cleaner and paddy separator are suitable for removing husk, dust, dirt and bran layers. Offered machines have a great demand in market for their rugged design, high strength and durability. The machines are fitted with separate drive for removing sticks and straws from rice. Made from high grade stainless steel, offered machines are wear resistant and tear resistant. The machine in the range called water jet polisher is used for polishing rice grains surface.  Rice grains produced from this machine have a shiny silky surface finish. Offered rice milling machines are well known for their low power consumption and sturdy designs.
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Grain Silos

We offer a wide range of Grain Silos in varied capacities to meet clients diverse needs. These are available in galvanized and corrugated finishes. Highly suitable for safe storage of grains, these silos are manufactured using best quality materials. Leak proof in designs, these silos protects the grains from dirt and dust. We stringently test the strength and ruggedness of these silos before the final dispatch in market.

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Parboiling And Drying Plants

We have installed parboiling plant along with dryers at various locations pan India of various capacities. Available in full stainless steel construction, these plants are provided with mounting structures, storage bins and other hardware fittings which are bolted in the construction, hence minimum fabrication works required at site. The hot air duct from the blower to the drier is constructed using stainless steel. Efficient heat exchanger is installed in the plants with aluminium fins, which ensure maximum heat transfer.

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Length Grader

Our Rice Length Grader is integrated with rotating indented cylinder for separating broken or shorter grains. As the cylinder rotates, the shorter rice grains get lifted until a point where they are dislodged by gravity. The grader has tear drop shaped indents for higher accuracy of separation. Highly acclaimed for its inbuilt Self-Cleaning mechanism to ensure optimum separation, this length grader is equipped with sampling ports to monitor the degree of separation.

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Pneumatic Sheller

This Pneumatic Sheller is fully controlled by PLC and ensures high degree of shelling with less broken grains. It features accurate feed-rate, pressure and cutting speed of rubber rollers by using ultrasonic sensors. Integrated with pneumatic controls, these equipments offer high degree of hulling with lesser broken grains. There is also inter-cooling system in the Sheller for enhancing the life of the rubber rollers.

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Tray Paddy Separator

This Tray Paddy Separator is specially developed and manufactured for high capacity and efficiently separating contaminants from paddy and brown rice. Features an oscillating tray type design, this separator has higher output with adjustable speed. The separation in this equipment is carried out in three distinct classifications viz. paddy, brown rice and mixture. These have stainless steel trays for minimizing the wear and tear. It also has a sensor for flow indication.

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Water Jet Polisher

This Water Jet Polisher is PLC controlled automation system. It is extensively used for polishing the rice grain surface. It sprays water through the mixing chamber and creates friction among grains using milling rollers. The advanced technology embedded in the polisher makes the weight controlled outlet of the polisher controls the retaining time of kernels inside the milling chamber. It produces the rice grains with a shiny silky surface finish. Features integrated gamidifier system with complete enclosure, this machine has sturdy construction.

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Flow Balancer

This Flow Balancer is a PLC controlled machine. It automatically discharges the required and controlled amount of wheat, rice, maize, cereals and many more. One can use the touch screen for easy functioning of the machine. It also generates reports and stores the data of the throughput of the product periodically. Features a strong body, made of rugged metal enclosure, this equipment enables automatic data storage of report generation to the desktop or USB by means of e-remote.

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Thickness Grader

This Thickness Grader is used for separating out the grains in brown rice and polished rice based on their thickness. The grains are passed through revolving cylindrical screens, for separating oversized and undersized grains from the bulk stock. In addition, this grader ensures excellent accuracy of separation. An integrated cleaning brush counter in the machine rotates with the drum to avoid choking of slots. Customized sieves can be attached in the grade to suit various application requirements.

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Rice Destoner

This Rice Destoner is fitted with imported vibro motors for trouble free and long life performance. Features low noise operation, this equipment efficiently removes stones, mud, foreign particles, lumps from the infeed rice stock. The working of this machine is based on the density difference by adjusting the aspiration system. Provided with closed circuit dust aspiration system, this destoner features sturdy, rigid and heavy duty construction.

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Rice Whitener

This Rice Whitener comes embedded with advanced technology of whitening. The advanced technology in this equipment is integrated to suit long rice grains. This machine is specially made for better stability and lesser vibration. Best known for its shaft less construction of grinding wheels, it consumes less power. It also includes independent adjustable vertical brakes, to enhance screen life. Rice grains discharge from the front end along with pressure regulator for uniform polishing.

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Rice Pre Cleaner

Our advanced range of Rice Pre Cleaner features completely closed and dust proof construction. This equipment is specially developed and manufactured to cater to the pre cleaning requirements for all types of grain processing industry. Rugged in design, this pre cleaner has inbuilt blower for aspiration system. This machine is fitted with separate drive for removing sticks and straws from rice grains.